High Street in the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre.

Silver Street looking to the Market Square.

The North Bailey and St John's College, part of Durham University.

Saddler Street and the rise up to the castle and cathedral. In the evening these streets would normally be buzzing with students from Durham University.

The North Bailey, Durham City, near Bow Lane and Dun Cow Lane.

Dun Cow Lane, a short lane that takes you from the North Bailey to the cathedral and castle. Durham City. UK.

Silver Street looking down towards Framwellgate Bridge

The junction of Crossgate and South Street.

Another view of Saddler Street.

Bow Lane looking to Durham Cathedral.

Where the North Bailey becomes the South Bailey.

Saddler Street and the road down to Elvet Bridge on the left of the image.

The junction of Allergate and Crossgate.

A rare sight indeed! The magnificent Durham Cathedral and not a single person in the shot, honestly.

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